The colloquium aims to explore different conceptual constellations (future contingents, divinely inspired and natural prophecy, divinatory dream, scientific prognostication – esp. in astrology and medicine – and other conjectural disciplines), provide historical reconstructions and doctrinal analyses, and investigate the specific theories and contributions of medieval authors. 

XXVII Annual Colloquium of the SIEPM - Medieval Debates on Foreknowledge: Future Contingents, Prophecy, and Divination.

Local: Trento (Italy) - 13-15 September 2023

Inscrições até: 31/01/2023.

Em particular, chamamos a atenção para o seguinte fato: "3. Stipends. Brepols-SIEPM stipend to facilitate attending the colloquium are available both to SIEPM members and non-SIEPM members under the age of 35 or from low currency countries. Deadline for applying is April 15, 2023:

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